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Green season subscription

The Green subscription is created for people who have a lifestyle where sustainable habits have their place, such as plant-based consumption and where care for the environment is a priority.

From: 184,00 RON / month

We love Romania as it is, we love the desire of Romanians to do good, to develop quality products, and for this reason we offer you a subscription with Romanian products. We want to promote and make known our wine and products from the country.

From: 250,00 RON / month

Each wine has a story that takes us to its country of origin. To facilitate the journey around the earth we found a simpler method than that of Christopher Columbus, namely we created this wine subscription, bringing the corners of the world in a box delivered directly to your home.

From: 300,00 RON / month

We love suspense, especially when it comes to unwrapping a present, it’s not really a present here, but it’s definitely going to be suspenseful. At the time interval chosen by you (monthly or weekly) you will receive 3 or 4 bottles of wine, which you will discover only at home. The wine is lovingly chosen by the WineAdmire Team, to challenge you to discover the world of wine.

From: 200,00 RON / month

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