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Rasova winery available at WineAdmire


Among the Danube cliffs, at Cernavoda, we find Rasova Winery which shows a minimalist architecture where elements specific to Dobrogea are very well represented, geographical positioning that leaves room for much more than viticulture. Rasova Winery is unique in every detail it has, from the architecture of the constructions to the finished product, but now […]

Petro Vaselo winery available at Wine Admire

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Petro Vaselo winery honors the Banat region. The motto of the winery being “The soul of our soil” we invite you to discover the care for the environment and the ecological wine from Petro Vaselo. The company owns 172 hectares, of which 42 are with vines. These vines were grown in 2005 and 2009. Petro […]

How to give wine as a gift!

The usual answer to the dilemma of giving a gift is: a bottle of wine, of course! It is easy to understand why people give wine as a gift: wine is traditional, relatively unmatched and you can never have too many bottles on hand. But how do you know what to bring? And how to […]

How to make buying wine online ridiculously easy

Seeing so many endless wine options is interesting and easy for all wine lovers. But, the wide range of wine can be intimidating if you are just an everyday wine lover who wants to try something new! We are pleased to introduce you to Wine Admire. An online wines hop where you can find the […]

The basic features of wine

After reading these lines, you should have the practical knowledge about the features of wine types but also enough vocabulary to challenge you to choose a wine from the wine section. Shop , according to your own taste. (And you will certainly be impressed by the encounter with a home-delivered wine of your choice.) Wine […]

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