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Gîrboiu Winery is the representative of the new generation of wine from Vrancea, and today you discover it at Wine Admire.

Gîrboiu Winery supports the Romanian business and the local production, and we can confirm that they do an excellent thing.


Gîrboiu Winery is located in Vrancea County, Dragosloveni, and the story of the winery begins in 2005 when the founder Constantin Gărboiu acquired the former Farm 16 which belonged to IAS Cotești, the domain owning approx. 45 ha of vines. A long process followed which required major investments to get to know Gîrboiu Winery today. The Gîrboiu family’s love for viticulture gave birth to the best-selling Romanian wines. Their quality is known both nationally and internationally. The love for the country is enhanced by the popularization of the Romanian varieties Șarbă and Plavaie.

The place where Crama Gîrboiu is located is a place with a famous viticultural tradition, and in the plantation portfolio we find the following vine varieties Șarbă, Plăvaie, Fetească Regală, Fetească Albă, Fetească Neagră or Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling Italin, Muscat Ottonel, Gewurztramin Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir.

When we think of Crama Gîrboiu we can list the following brands of wine and sparkling wine Bacanta, Epicentrum, Cuartz, Tectonic, Livia, Varancha.

We also find the geographical area in the name of the wine ranges from Crama Girboiu, such as the words Tectonic and Epicentrum. The area is known for its mineral-rich soil and favorable climatic conditions.

We invite you to discover the range of products from Crama Gîrboiu on www.WineAdmire.ro to feel an earthquake of quality and taste.

Gîrboiu Winery – Rose Quartz Sparkling Wine – that sparkling wine that attracts you, although it relies on simplicity and lightness of taste. It combines hints of red fruits, raspberries, strawberries, with stronger notes of citrus but also with tones of biscuit and biscuit. Pearl and a tonic acidity dance abundantly around the taste.

Gîrboiu Winery – Bacata Rose – obtained from the Fetească Neagră variety, this wine that describes summer in all its splendor, because it is fresh, with notes of raspberries, rose petals, cherries. Balanced and with a soft body, this wine impresses with a fruity and creamy aftertaste but also with the minerality specific to the area and the crunchy acidity.

Crama Gîrboiu – Epicentrum Aligote & Muscat Ottonel – 2 beloved varieties (60% Aligote and 40% Muscat Ottonel) merge in a unique blend, yellow-green with floral and elegant bouquet, in which the notes of shock and acacia are beautifully intertwined with those of freshly mowed hay. It is a wine in which the aromas of Muscat blend perfectly and harmoniously with the fine and sour taste of Aligote.

We invite you to discover the rest of the products on the site www.WineAdmire.ro.

We remind you that you have the opportunity to personalize your wine subscription yourself (the range of products being available from the most well-known regions of Romania and the world).

We encourage the use of products made from recycled materials, and the Wine Admire package is “dressed” in this way.

We are waiting for you on the site to meet us, www.WineAdmire.ro

A perfect blend!

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