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Petro Vaselo winery honors the Banat region.

The motto of the winery being “The soul of our soil” we invite you to discover the care for the environment and the ecological wine from Petro Vaselo.

The company owns 172 hectares, of which 42 are with vines. These vines were grown in 2005 and 2009.

Petro Vaselo has an ecologically certified vine where the grapes, once in the cellar, go through two manual selections to remove any bundle considered inappropriate. The dexterity of winemakers plays a fundamental role in the evolution of fermentation and refining. Throughout the production process the wine is treated in the absence of any contact with oxygen; this allows the end of fermentation to be reached without adding any antioxidants.

Why organic viticulture? The role of organic viticulture is to produce grapes unaltered by certain chemicals, more suitable for human metabolism, in full correlation with the conservation and development of the environment.

The whole process of soil preparation is meticulously thought out and carried out to fulfill the objective of the Petro Vaselo winery, which is to obtain unique and quality wines. In order to become ecological, a vineyard goes through a conversion period, which lasts three years, during which time only natural treatments and fertilizers are used. There are strict protocols for the organic wine production process, from vine care to labeling.

The winery is completely underground and is designed to continue the winemaking process with the same approach from the vineyard.

The wine categories produced are White by Petro Vaselo, Rose by Petro Vaselo, Red by Petro Vaselo, Red by Petro Vaselo, Otarnița, Briefcases, Ova, Melgis, PV Gran Cru, PV Orange, PV Winery Edition, Bendis Rose, Bendis Nadir, Kotys, Kotys Millesime – which you can find in the WineAdmire wine shop, but let’s find the specifications.

Over time, the technology of sparkling wine has developed, so that today sparkling wine is produced by two methods that we find in the collections of Petro Vaselo

The Sparkling wine collection returns to consumption

-knowledge Bendis Nadir and Bendis Rose produced by the Charmat Method, which are characterized as more party sparkling, being present in the joyful pleasure of life.

– But and Kotys and Kotys Millesime – sparkling wines for lovers of the traditional method of fermentation complex, elegant and versatile sparkling wines.

The range of wines White, redness , Red and Black by Petro Vaselo are fresh and fruity wines, a living example of our uncontrollable spirit. Young wines with a cheerful packaging with floral elements, meant to refer to the ecological approach in the vineyard.

The wines from the Daring range represent the synthesis of the spirit of Petro Vaselo, the pure expression of our terroir, these wines are truly “the soul of our soil”. Starting with the grapes, which ferment on wild yeasts, and ending with the names of the wines, the ancient names of the plots from which they come as Briefcases , Otarnita , Melgis But and Ovaș.

The tribute brought by Petro Vaselo can be found in the Icon Range where the wines obtained through unique and experimental vinification processes, which further accentuate the pure essence of Petro Vaselo. Symbolic wines that are a true tribute to our terroir.

The respect for the origins of those from Petro Vaselo can be found in their quality products and care for the environment.

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Source PetroVaselo .

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